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Light up any room with our customized range of white t-shirts.

Price: Starting at ₦3,499.00 for 1 copy.

Delivery: 5 – 7 working days for Lagos and 7 – 10 working days for other Nigerian cities.


  1. Ensure that you design with “bleed” area in mind, so that when trimming and cutting important information on your design isn’t affected.
  2. Screen colour is different from print colour. Screen colours are usually in RGB format and may come out duller when printed. Please ensure that your designs are created in CMYK process colours, as our printers use this 4-colour ink format.
  3. To avoid fonts changing when we print your order, make sure you embed your fonts when saving as pdf. Also, ensure that your images are 300dpi when uploading works with elements of bitmap images, vendors and text.
  4. Convert all fonts to curves when uploading files of CorelDraw, Photoshop and Illustrator files.
  5. Ensure that your texts are at least 8pts and have good contrast ratios with the background. Lines in a solid or dark colour should not be thinner than 0.5pt so that they are visible when printed.
  6. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw and more recent versions of Adobe Photoshop ensure that you pre-flight your PDFs using the `Adobe PDF/X-1a` preset. Pre-flight preset checks if the digital data required to print a job are all valid and present.
  7. Make sure your texts are at least 8 pts (very small text may look good on screen but does not print well). Try to keep text in bold colours and mostly in bold colours. When printing lines in a solid or dark colour, make sure they are no thinner than 0.5pt. To achieve perfect readability, avoid multiple coloured texts.


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